ABOUT US — Meet Core Staff

Implemented by TRG, Inc., the TeamSTAR Project is able to draw upon the talent and services of many experienced OD Specialists. To request information about a specific specialist, please contact the TeamSTAR staff .

TeamSTAR's core project staff are based in Washington DC. They manage the flow of field interventions, assessment of country team challenges, and development of tools to help strengthen country teams to implement PEPFAR programs.

Pamela Foster, Ph.D. As the Project Director for TeamSTAR, Dr. Foster oversees the development and implementation of project services and activities. In this capacity, she establishes and implements the strategic objectives for the project that are driven by the needs of PEPFAR and Mission teams in the field. Pamela manages staffing of field assignments and ensures innovation and technical quality of field interventions. She acts as the liaison between the project and OGAC as well as USG Agency Headquarters with the aim of aligning project activities with whole of

Lauren Doll supports the project in a variety of ways, focusing particularly on communication tools. TeamSTAR gathers knowledge about PEPFAR team strengths and challenges through surveys, interviews, interventions, and other interactions. In Lauren's role, she helps TeamSTAR sift through this knowledge, identifying and developing tools to help strengthen PEPFAR team performance, capturing better practices to share throughout PEPFAR, and finding ways for teams to interact and