TeamSTAR organizational development (OD) services build leadership capacity, increase team effectiveness, and help create a high performance culture. Customized service delivery begins with an assessment of team strengths and areas for development, followed by collaborative planning with team leaders, intervention design, and deployment of the right combination of services and tools to achieve mutually agreed performance goals. TeamSTAR OD specialists place a premium on the work relationship with clients, and stay engaged from the early stages of planning to post-intervention coaching and performance tracking. The overarching goal of TeamSTAR support is to build capacity within teams to lead and manage their own organizational development processes. Click here to learn more about engaging our services.

Country/Regional Operational Planning Facilitation
In preparing the COP/ROPs PEPFAR teams must bring together priorities and mandates of all the implementing agencies into one integrated country program. In working with teams on these planning exercises, TeamSTAR OD specialists serve as an unbiased third party facilitating the collaborative planning, priority-setting, and team decision-making, and bringing state of the art tools and resources to bear on those processes. Our focus is the entire team, not one specific agency.
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Strategy and Stakeholder Workshops
The PEPFAR II strategy places emphasis on country ownership and sustainability. This requires a different level and type of engagement with government partners and stakeholders to ensure the transfer of leadership capacity and increasing ownership for program implementation. The Partnership Framework Implementation Plan is one primary mechanism to facilitate this transfer to country ownership. TeamSTAR offers assistance in some of the processes that support the development of the PFIP including: negotiations between PEPFAR and MoH officials, active engagement with host government technical working groups, and stakeholder and partner workshops and planning meetings.

TeamSTAR OD specialists have worked extensively with health officials and implementing partners in many focus countries. The knowledge they've gained about health systems operations enables them to function as an honest broker in surfacing and negotiating issues pertinent to the partnership between host governments and PEPFAR, and in helping these key actors find common ground in regard to program direction and approaches to implementation. TeamSTAR OD Specialists facilitate strategy and stakeholder workshops that serve to: identify the common issues of key actors, clarify a decision-making process and criteria, and develop plans that address all stakeholder priorities and resource concerns.
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Mission Retreat and Team building
Interagency teams like those in PEPFAR face unique challenges in working together, such as overcoming differences in organizational norms, cultures, and priorities while maintaining loyalty both to their home agency and to their PEPFAR team. TeamSTAR OD Specialists facilitate workshops that help organizations navigate these challenges successfully. We work with teams that are reforming due to recent staff transitions or teams that have been together for a while but want to strengthen their collaboration or prepare for difficult negotiations or conversations. We also assist in clarifying roles and responsibilities of team members.
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Team Assessments of Strengths and Areas for Improvement
While intensely focused on implementation of the country programs, PEPFAR teams often need to step back and assess their effectiveness and progress. To help teams do this reflection, TeamSTAR administers team surveys that provide a snapshot of what is working well on the team and what could be improved. The web-based survey is administered to all staff on the team, ensuring broad and equal representation of perspectives. Individual team survey results are for team usage only, and provide a basis for designing customized OD interventions, tools and other resources. On-site interviews are conducted to corroborate and expand upon survey findings. Follow up surveys are administered to track changes in performance and progress over time.
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Skills Training
TeamSTAR offers customized training that gives staff members the skills and knowledge needed to be more effective in their jobs. Frequently requested training topics include:
  • Workplace communication: communicating across agency boundaries, collaborative dialogue, communicating non-defensively, reflective listening, giving and receiving feedback
  • Performance management: effective delegation, skill development and monitoring performance, building capacity to lead and manage collaborative decision-making – decision-making approaches, building consensus, managing gradients of agreement
  • Leading and managing interagency teams: leading without authority, setting direction, aligning staff and stakeholders, organizing and staffing
  • Conflict management: interest based problem solving, having conversations that matter
  • Working effectively with host country partners: participatory decision-making, principles and practices that support country ownership.
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Executive Coaching, Virtual Support, and Consultation
TeamSTAR OD Specialists offer executive coaching to team leaders and managers to support their ability to establish and implement the program strategy and objectives. Coaching entails on-site or virtual consultation to address real-time team or individual performance challenges, acting as a strategic thinking partner in helping leaders carry out cross-agency leadership and management, collaborative planning, and decision-making.

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