ABOUT US — References and Testimonials

The TeamStar Project has been a tremendous support resource to my Integrated Health Office and the Mozambique USG PEPFAR Team. From the beginning their openness, genuine concern and professionalism helped the team build trusting relationships with my office and the USG team. They designed and facilitated a great Retreat for my office. It helped strengthen our teamwork and we developed a reorganization plan to enhance our productivity. My CCC team leader and I have used the TeamStar consultants for ongoing coaching and strategic advice. They have been totally responsive to our needs. They have provided much needed facilitation to our Agency Heads Group. I wanted our COP '12 process to be more collaborative, transparent and inclusive. Thanks to the TeamStar consultants working collaboratively with the PEPFAR Coordinator and the PEPFAR Steering Committee this was accomplished. The masterful and tireless facilitation of the TeamStar consultants was crucial. The TeamStar consultants’ composure and skill is priceless. They have helped us move ahead on our “One USG journey.” We look forward to additional help in 2012.

-Polly Dunford ,USAID Mozambique IHO Director

When I entered the Benin Mission my vision was to see a staff with increased morale and confidence to fulfill our Mission. I especially wanted to uplift our local staff and increase their empowerment. I was fortunate enough to get organizational development support from the TeamsStar Project. The TeamStar consultant team's expertise and cultural sensitivity was just the right combination for my Mission. In a short span of time through their masterful planning and facilitation we strengthened our teamwork, agreed on our revised Mission  as well as Vision and we developed plans for addressing major Mission challenges. At the end my staff was indeed energized and confidently vowing to fulfill follow-through commitments. Our Retreat Follow Up Group led by local staff has been monitoring and recognizing progress. We have had the additional good fortune to get virtual coaching from the team. We would love to have team back for a progress check.  

-Kevin Armstrong, Mission Director USAID Benin

The TeamStar organizational development and training support has been absolutely awesome. The TeamStar Consultants have given a new meaning to responsive customer service. Working with the team has been a truly rewarding partnership. They have patiently listened to our needs and developed creative strategies and approaches to address them. Our GHI and COP processes were far more collaborative and productive due to their calm and focused facilitation as well as the skills-building they conducted. Personally they have been strategic thinking partners for me both in Mozambique and virtually and I have profited tremendously from those sessions. It is a sad day whenever the team has to depart. I and our whole team wish they could stay for an extended period. We greatly appreciate all they have done to assist us and we look forward to having them back in Mozambique soon!

-April Kelly, PEPFAR Coordinator, USG Mozambique

I wanted to reach out and thank you again for all the support TeamStar provided to the USG Namibia Team in 2010. As we move into the COP '12, GHI and PFIP processes, I wish that we could have TeamStar back with us. The team was instrumental in our more successful COP '11 process. The skills building, planning and overall facilitation that TeamStar did were the major reasons for our more collaborative and productive process in COP '11. I will use what you taught and modeled for us and encourage others to do so. While we made significant progress; I know having TeamStar back would strengthen and make our better practices more permanent. The type of high-level facilitation TeamStar consultants provides is what we will need again. Plus we can always gain from learning new things. I will be calling if we need virtual help. 

-Aune Victor, USG PEPFAR Namibia, Senior Team Member

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