A reality for PEPFAR Teams is that leaders and members will change frequently. You may be joining a new team or you may be the one welcoming another new member. Either way, it helps to understand the roles of all key leaders and to be intentional about how you join and how you welcome people onto the team.

Assuming a new position and joining an existing team can be exciting and somewhat challenging at the same time. As the new person, you are stepping into an intact group that has functioned, prior to your arrival, based on implicit and explicit norms and assumptions. When any new person joins an existing team, a new team is created. Smooth entry therefore requires a team to reform itself and reestablish newly agreed upon norms and expectations.

Click on any of following to read more about the key roles and responsibilities of PEPFAR leaders and gain helpful tips on assuring a smooth entry.

US Ambassador (Chief of Mission) and Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM)
US Global PEPFAR Coordinator
Agency Heads
General Tips for Joining a PEPFAR Team

Also, see our TeamSTAR Tips & Tools resource on Assuring a Smooth Entry to learn more about assimilating new PEPFAR team members.