The TeamSTAR Approach
Some of the assumptions underlying the TeamSTAR approach to organizational development assistance are:

  • PEPFAR and USAID Mission teams are comprised of highly skilled, committed and motivated staff, proficient in their respective areas of technical expertise. They require resources and tools that are practical, results focused and easy to apply to their specific program context.
  • The organizational cultures and approaches to program implementation differ among USG agencies, making collaboration inherently complex. To be effective as one USG, a new team paradigm, new skills and new ways of conducting business are required.
  • PEPFAR teams are in a constant state of change, having to contend with frequent leadership and staff transitions, new program initiatives, and other factors that impact work flow and work processes. Investments in building the capacity of locally employed staff enable team productivity and program sustainability.

These and other factors point to the need for expert organizational development support to help PEPFAR and USAID mission teams navigate complex work environments and reach optimal performance levels in a shorter span of time.  The TeamSTAR approach to service delivery takes these complexities into account by providing highly customized organizational development support, deploying select services and the right tool, or combination of tools, to meet the needs of each country program.